Could BJP and AIADMK join hands again?

The AIADMK's decision to end the partnership with the NDA at national and state levels may put the BJP at a disadvantage in winning Tamil Nadu. The BJP had been piggybackriding on the Dravidian party.

A time to act

The ordeal and trauma of the 12-year-old victim of an alleged rape in Ujjain are both horrifying and deeply unsettling.

Quiet revolution

Come October, and a quiet revolution will take place in India’s moribund bureaucratic procedures which have driven generations of citizens to frustration, prompted others to leave the country altogether, and played a key role in feeding the bribery and corruption eco-system.

From 1 to 2

In the heyday of the Congress one-party dominant system, Speaker Mavlankar stipulated that an official opposition party status would require a minimum presence of 10 per cent in the Lok Sabha. The underlying assumption was that with the maturing of democracy, a balanced party system would evolve and a well-defined space would facilitate accommodation of the opposition to be effective and articulate and eventually become part of the government, as is the practice in Britain

Towards Equality

Amidst the euphoria however comes the realization that the implementation of the Bill would not be immediate but would require several years if not more. In culinary terms it is like heaping a pile of plates on a rising pudding or cake. Of course politicising gender is a constant, yet cannot immediate implementation of the Bill prove to the world that India has creditably addressed SDG 5 before 2030 as an example to both the Global North and the Global South?

Angel Tax

First, regulatory authorities should work closely with start-ups and investors to establish clear guidelines and best practices for valuation. Transparency is paramount and start-ups must maintain comprehensive records of their valuation methodologies.

History’s shadow

Shoaib Akhtar, on his own YouTube channel called it “fight,” regretting the absence of it from the Pakistani performance in Sri Lanka.

Brown lives matter, too

The most disruptive and divisive series of events that I have seen during my life in the US was what happened after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minnesota in 2020.

Taken at the flood

For 146 long days, Hollywood’s writers stood together in a battle that transcended wage disputes and contractual negotiations.