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  • Actors can't be role models for every issue: Kalki Koechlin

    Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin, who is known for speaking her mind, says one of the drawbacks of being a popular face is that people expect you to take a stand on various social and political issues. She says people should realise that celebrities can't be expected to be role models and should only be appreciated for their craft. "The biggest drawback is the idea that people think that you always have an important comment on everything. For example, sometimes people will

    Interviews | May 20, 2017
  • Kalki Koechlin, Marilyn Monroe moment, Namrata Soni

    When Kalki Koechlin had a Marilyn Monroe moment

    Actress Kalki Koechlin had a Marilyn Monroe moment during her visit here for a product launch, and said she had to undergo a "lot of practice" to pull it off properly. "That was lot of practice for this Marilyn Monroe moment," Kalki said soon after the act on stage. The actress was in the capital to launch Gillette Venus Breeze, a hair removal product for women along with celebrity make-up artist Namrata Soni and celebrity dermatologist Rashmi Shetty. At an interactive

    Bollywood | May 18, 2017
  • Kalki Koechlin, Girls, Women, Dev D 

    Show yourself some love girls, suggests Kalki Koechlin

    Actress Kalki Koechlin, an avid traveller, considers it important that in between engagements related to work and family, women must take a break from the madness before monotony sets in. Kalki often takes time off and keeps her daily life lively by indulging in activities that make her happy. In a statement, the Dev D actress has shared tips on what she does to keep herself sane from all the drama that surrounds her life: * Advocate for yourself: Whether it's in the

    Bollywood | March 26, 2017
  • Kalki Koechlin, Pakistan, Azmaish, Documentary

    Saw a human aspect of Pakistan through 'Azmaish': Kalki Koechlin

    Actress Kalki Koechlin on Friday said working on Azmaish, a documentary for which she collaborated with Pakistani filmmaker Sabiha Sumar, enabled her to see a more human aspect of the neighbouring country. Speaking at the India Today Conclave 2017 here on Friday, Kalki said the documentary looks at India and Pakistan outside the context of conflict, and instead focuses on the struggles of commoners in both the countries. Asked what drew her to the project, she said: "I

    Bollywood | March 17, 2017


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