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  • Cranberry juice, fruit juice

    Top health benefits of cranberries

    As the mercury soars, all you need is a cool drink to beat the heat. Smoothies, mocktails and cocktails are a plenty. While you are at it, making up your mind on which one to grab, don't miss out on bloody cranberry juice. Cranberry drinks not only rejuvenate and refresh you, but also strengthen your health, as the fruit is rich in health-promoting polyphenols (antioxidant), according to research findings. The study was carried out by Jeffrey Blumberg, researcher at the University in Boston, and published

    Food | April 25, 2017
  • marigold, health benefits, flowers

    Health benefits of marigold

    Marigold, the most popular flower of India, has spiritual significance in India. It is grown not only in gardens, but also cultivated in fields. The flowers are used as prayer offering to deities, to decorate the house and its garland to welcome guests. Apart from its many uses, it has several health benefits. The flowers, leaves and even the sap of the stem have medicinal purpose for several ailments.  While marigold comes in different colours and varieties, the dark red ones are

    Health | April 10, 2017