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    Beauty tips for rainy days

    All that "a walk in the rain" sounds sweet and romantic, but not so when it rains heavy and you are trying not to step on muddy puddles. Real-life rainy situation may not be as good as it is made out to be in movies and songs. With the rain, comes several monsoon woes, such as flooded roads, landslides, wet clothes and muck on your feet, shoes and clothes. As much as you love the rain, it can be difficult to

    Beauty | June 14, 2017
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    Top summer beauty tips

    As the hot summer wind blows against your hair and face when you are out on the road, it can burn your skin and cause hair dryness. Timely care and treatment is all you need to address all these summer woes. Check your summer beauty kit and ensure it has all that is needed for the hot season, such as moisturiser, lip balm and gloss, mild eyedrops that cleanse the eyes and mild make-up items. The most important thing to do

    Beauty | May 12, 2017