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    Of a train journey

    Indian Railways -- one of the world's largest railway systems that runs over 12,500 trains every day -- is more than just the country's transport lifeline. For the 23 million passengers who use it daily, it is almost a way of life -- with a unique charm and special rhythm of its own. Capturing the nostalgia associated with the train travel in India is a crowd-sourced community page on Instagram titled "Window Seat Project" which has been ruling the

    Travel | May 16, 2017
  • Book

    A train of thought - and thinking about thinking

    Title: Tetralogue: I'm Right, You're Wrong; Author: Timothy Williamson; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pages: 160; Price: Rs. 399 It is all in our mind. How we live our lives depends, to a considerable extent, on the philosophical points of view we use to explain the world and guide our actions. But how can we find out the strengths and weaknesses of the various views? Easy, hop on to this metaphorical train of thought. In what may first seem

    Books & Education | May 10, 2017
  • Istanbul-Dhaka train corridor, ESCAP, Asia\'s connectivity with Europe

    UN body proposes Istanbul to Dhaka train corridor

    A UN body on Wednesday proposed extension of the Istanbul-Teheran-Islamabad (ITI) train corridor to Delhi-Kolkata-Dhaka (DKD) to promote regional cooperation. It maintained that the train corridor has the potential to become an important transport artery for intra-regional trade and an important conduit of Asia's connectivity with Europe. "The operationalisation of a cohesive international transport network faces gaps and challenges in South and South-West Asia, compared to other subregions of Asia and the Pacific," Matthew Hammill, officer-in-charge of United

    World | March 15, 2017


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